The Gassiot Room


  • Dinner/Lunch – 24
  • Reception – 24


The Gassiot Room is named after Charles Gassiot (Master 1894) and is used for committee meetings, lunches and dinners.

It is part of the 1990s redevelopment.  It was built to replace the Smoking Room of 1899 which was demolished to make room for Vintners’ Place. 

One fireplace is from the old Smoking Room and bears the date 1899; the other is dated 1992.  Paintings above the two fireplaces depict the Thames in the early 19th century, and during HM the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.  Other paintings of interest are of the Court in 2000, by Julian Barrow; “Vintners’ Gifts”, by Paul Brown, presented in 1999; a painting attributed to Lucas Achtschellinck (1626-99) of “The Apple and Grape Harvest”; and a Dutch painting from the circle of Pieter Angillis (1685-1734) depicting the wine making process, with three men treading grapes.  At the east end of the room is a fine collection of antique bottles and decanters.

The wallpaper is in the colours of the Royal Tank Regiment, which is sponsored by the Company.