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The Outstanding Young Person Award


This award recognises and celebrates the next generation of talent emerging in the wine industry

About the Award

The winner will be under the age of 35 and will be excelling in their field (winemaking, winegrowing, educating, buying, marketing, communicating, retailing, on trade, front of house etc.) by demonstrating innovation, leadership and delivery of results. 

This award can be entered directly or can be nominated by an employer, mentor etc. 

How to Apply

If you are entering this award directly or nominating someone, please supply an up to date CV and a written submission no longer than 1,000 words outlining the following: (no more than 200 words per heading)

  • Your career background and achievements to date
  • How you are excelling in your field (leadership, innovation, dedication)
  • A career highlight with clear results and outcomes
  • What have you done to further your career above and beyond your job within the wider wine trade 
  • Your career goals and aspirations

Application Form

  • Applications for this award may only be submitted using the form below. 
  • The uploaded attachments must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Please Note: Once you have submitted this form, the page will refresh so PLEASE SCROLL back down to this section to ensure you see the confirmation message.   If there is an error message, it will be because you have not completed all required elements of the form.  Please correct and click on submit again.

Entries for 2020 are now closed