Davies Langton Award

The Vintners' Company Davies Langton Award

Aimed at furthering wine education, this award was restructured in 2015 to subsidise up to three young members of the wine trade to undertake work experience which they would otherwise be unable to afford.


The purpose of the award now is to assist up to three young members of the wine trade, working for Vintner wine merchants or with Vintners in the trade, to travel overseas or within the UK to gain work experience which they would otherwise be unable to afford. 

Criteria for Eligibility

In order to retain the original ‘apprenticeship’ element of the award, applicants should ideally be between the ages of 18 and 25. 

Applicants should be actively employed in the wine trade, whether that be in sales, marketing, research, production or another capacity, but not necessarily required to commit to a long term career in the trade.  Applicants should be known to, and recommended by, a member of the Company in the trade (the Sponsor) but don’t necessarily have to be employed by their Sponsor.  Candidates will require a clear recommendation and endorsement from their Sponsor and if a Sponsor puts forward more than one applicant in one year then they should be put in priority order.  

The Award

Each of the three winners will be eligible for a grant of £1,000.  

As the total award is for up to £3,000 then if only one or two winners are selected in a particular year, the £3,000 may be divided between the total number of winners for that year. 

The award is to be used to assist in covering travel, accommodation and living expenses for a period of up to two months during the year in which the award is made. Winners will be required to provide a short report on their work experience after the event for possible publication on the Vintners’ Company’s website or other form of company media.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to provide a brief CV and brief statement (of no more than 500-600 words) outlining how they would use the award and the nature of the intended work experience.  

Sponsors (or employers) are asked to provide a short recommendation to support the candidate’s application. 

Application Form

Applications for this award may only be submitted using the form below. 

The uploaded attachments must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

The closing date for applications is 31 March.

Entry for this award is now closed for this year.