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Road cycling club in Kent

K20 road cycling club

Cycling club in Kent K20 for group riding over a range of speed and ability

K20 Cycling club is a modern and dynamic road cycling club based in Marden, Kent, England. 

We offer group rides over a range of speed and ability.

Born in Marden in Kent, United Kingdom in 2020, our members are like-minded male and female cyclists who share a passion for cycling and social engagement.

We offer the opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves and to seek continuous improvement through cycling. Improvement, fellowship, mutual aid and support, and the joy of riding on the open roads are the fundamental principles on which K20 Cycling Club is built. 

We are a diverse bunch covering a range of ages and abilities, and we welcome cyclists from all areas of society to ride with our mixed cycling groups.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and, if you have any questions about the club, please get in touch. If you have been inspired and would like to join us, please read more about membership fees in the Members section of this site, where you will also be able to submit your application.

Our cycling groups are full of enthusiasm and always looking for new members to join them. As a new Club we recognise the number and character of our cycling groups will change. We offer six groups, designated K1 through to K6, depending on the distance and average speed the riders will be expecting to achieve.

The routes and any café stops are organised by the groups themselves and if you ride with any of them frequently throughout the year there will not be too many places in Kent that you won’t have visited.

All the groups operate a no drop policy, so if you are having an off day or have trouble with your bike, the leader for the ride will make sure that a plan is put in place to help you back safely to base.

K20 road cycling club