Charitable Grants

Application for grants

The process

Although much of the Company's grant giving is now directed to its current selected charities, some limited funds are still available for new petitions. New petitions also provide an essential mechanism for bringing potential new selected charities to the notice of the Company. Applicants should note the following points:


  • Applications to the Vintners’ Foundation are encouraged from registered charities working within Greater London and preferably Inner London which are concerned with the following: the relief of the poor, destitute and homeless who are disadvantaged by reasons of health, education or poverty; alleviation of the social effects of alcohol abuse/misuse; and the support of young people, youth projects and designated educational establishments
  •  Applications from national charities will therefore need to be ring-fenced to Greater London and preferably Inner London
  • Applications are not normally entertained which relate to the rest of the UK or overseas
  • The Vintners’ Foundation does not normally make grants to individuals, to medical research, or to charities concerned with the maintenance or restoration of buildings
  • It will not normally respond favourably to petitions in support of independent education, or to petitions for the exclusive benefit of any particular religious faith  
  • Applications for specific projects are much preferred, though the Committee sometimes supports general running costs
  • All applications should include a breakdown of the budget for the proposed project together with the charity’s most recent audited accounts
  • All agenda papers for the Vintners’ Foundation Committee are now circulated electronically and hard copy petitions are not accepted
  • Grants are normally made in the range of £3,000 – £5,000
  • The Committee meets four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December.  Petitions which are too late for the next meeting will be postponed to the following scheduled meeting
  • ALL applications MUST be made using the online APPLICATION FORM