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2016 - Miquel Hudin

The 2016 award went to Miquel Hudin whose proposal was to create a comprehensive, visually attractive wine tourism guide to the up-and-coming wine region of Kakheti in Georgia.
Now published, the guide, ‘Georgia. A guide to the Cradle of Wine’, is available from ‘Vinologue’ and can be ordered HERE 

“For those who may not know, publishing niche wine books is much more about passion than profit. Each book you create requires not only a wealth of your time, but of your wallet as well which is why being awarded the Geoffrey Roberts Award in 2016 for my book about Georgia was so important. To say that the book simply wouldn’t have been possible without the award to fund the initial research is an understatement and I will be forever thankful for the help in making a book about this fascinating corner of the wine world come to pass.” Miquel Hudin