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2007 - Richard Villadoniga

Florida geography teacher Richard Villadoniga used our $6,000 to finance a road trip across the United States with the aim of highlighting some of the country’s endangered foodstuffs and promoting greater awareness of them via local media opportunities. He has now incorporated what he learnt into a teaching module to make American children more aware of their food heritage. 

He says:  ‘I must tell you that the Geoffrey Roberts Award has had a tremendous impact on my life!  Ever since I received this honor, I have started a thriving Slow Food chapter in my home region of North Florida that is very active in preserving our local culinary heritage and “greening” our local farming habits.  I have also been doing a fair amount of freelance writing despite these poor economic conditions.  I thank you for giving me this opportunity.

‘I have started writing an oral history/cookbook with one of our region’s most beloved chefs, Johnny Barnes, who grew up in the area and has wonderful recollections of how people connected with the seasons and land and it nourished them.  He’s a fascinating storyteller and transports you back to a simpler time.  And he has great recipes.

2007 joint winner, thanks to Nazli’s decision that her new job prevented her from taking up her 2006 Award, was Jock Brandis on behalf of which designs and supplies very simple, highly relevant machinery such as mechanical peanut shellers to impoverished communities in Africa, thereby helping them to increase their income substantially.