The Vintners Company – Vintners Hall

2006 - Nazli Parvizi

Nazli Parvizi from New York wanted to go to VietNam in March 2007 to foster sustainable farming and better cultural links between VietNamese American chefs and restaurateurs in the ancient capital of Hue in an effort to promote responsible tourism and development.  Unfortunately however, her work as the youngest ever Executive Director of the New York Mayor’s Volunteer Center was so good that they offered her a promotion she couldn’t refuse and she was unable to make that trip to VietNam – which enabled us to make a second 2007 Award.
The runner-up was Nathalie Jordi, a Belgian-American cheese nut who is determined to help America’s new generation of farmhouse cheesemakers sell their wares more effectively. Believing they are too busy making cheese to put much effort into marketing and bureaucracy, she has been travelling around the US to this end. She is now a recognised writer on American farmhouse cheese and hopes to continue to promote it worldwide.